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1)    I write entire drafts long hand before typing it on a computer. 
2)    I was in sitcoms and commercials in English and Spanish including co-starring on NBC’s “Will & Grace”.
3)    I was Ricky Martin’s body double in a music video.
4)    I did Spanish voice overs for South Park.
5)    I was a bottle dancer in the musical "Fiddler on the Roof" in college
6)    My dad is a veteran of The Bay of Pigs.
7)    I worked in professional kitchens and restaurants for a long time – I’ve done practically every job.
8)    I love the Miami Heat – like seriously, I’m kind of a fanatic.
9)    I’ve met and hung out with a lot of really cool people but the coolest is probably Ricky Martin. Queen Latifah is a pretty close second.
10)    If I were going to choose another career I would probably be a pianist, who is also a rockstar :)